Gemini Wireline  785-625-1182 

Downhole  Logging  24  hours a day.

Experienced wireline crews with expertise in Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Ability to support horizontal or vertical wells.

Safety is our number one concern.  Our staff receives constant safety training and mentoring program.

Logs printed and/or sent from location

Services Overview

One of the most dependable and  technically advanced fleet of logging units.  Equipped with Warrior 8 logging systems. 

Trucks are equipped with two sets of tools for efficiency and dependability at your wellsite.

Open-hole logging units equipped to transmit data via satellite from the wellsite location for providing real-time log analysis.  Color logs available at the shop.

Our trucks have portable masts where a drilling or workover rig is not available

Log interpretation

Tubing  conveyed


Chemical Cut

Pipe recovery





Temperature Survey

Inclination Logs

Cast iron plugs

Composite plugs

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